The Nomads Day Festival


"The Nomads' Day Festival - 2015" The Nomads' Day Festival starts on the 17th of September - the most blessed day of the Mongolian nomads, in Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve of Mongolia. This real tourism event is one of the most exciting cultural festivals of Mongolia and is the only event that revives traditional Mongolian nomadic culture and contributes to this unique culturural ...

The Naadam festival of Manly Games - 2015


"The Naadam festival - 2015" Naadam is an age old celebration of the test of courage, strength, dexterity, and marksmanship of the nomads. It is held annually from July 11- 13th throughout the country. The three “manly games” consist of horse racing, wrestling and archery. The race is over 30 km in distance and is raced by young riders some as young as six years old. Wresting ...

Tsaatan (Reindeer) festival 2015


"Tsaatan (Reindeer) festival 2015" It provides great opportunity to see Tsaatan people’s ancestral culture, special lifestyle and to play reindeer polo ethic.. people are last rare people in the world now. We also will happy tourist desire to join yak caravan, reindeer and horse riding, have a journey on boat or canoe. There organize and you can see Tsaatan people’s traditional ...

Sarlag (Yak) Festival 2015


“Sarlag (Yak) festival 2015” This year’s Ovrkhangai “Yak festival 2015” will be held at in the area of Undurhyasaa of Bat-ulzii soum on 23rd of July, 2015 at 12:00.