Tsaatan (Reindeer) festival


Event Date: 5-6 July

Venue:  Khatgal sum “Dalai Tour” tourist ger camp, Khuvsgul National Park, Khuvsgul province.


"Tsaatan festival"- it’s mean Reindeer festival. It provides great opportunity to see Tsaatan people’s ancestral culture, special lifestyle and to play reindeer polo ethic..  people are last rare people in the world now. We also will happy tourist desire to join yak caravan, reindeer and horse riding, have a journey on boat or canoe. There organize and you can see Tsaatan people’s traditional music, folk concerts. Feeling how these people’s life soul is Shamanism. /July 06-07/


05 July 

13.00 Meet the tourist and visitors at the airport in Murun and sightseeing in the town and visit the museum

14.00 Visit the complex of statue in Uushgiin ovoriin deer stone

15.00 Observe the birds in the lake named Erhel

19.00  Drive to the camp “Dalai tour”

20.00 Dinner 


06 July   

8.00 Breakfast

10.00 The opening art ceremony Tsaatan festival in Dalai tour camp. The handmade and art exhibition named Khuvsgul is a golden sacred place of Mongolia about the geographical features in Khuvsgul province.

11.00 Visit tsaatan families and meet the lifestyle.

- Reindeer racing

                       - Running competition 

13.00 Lunch time

15.00 Mini naadam National wrestling /32 wrestlers/

             - horse- racing

             - Ride a horse and a reindeer

             - Travel on an ox-cart

             - Climb up the mountain and to be a winner

16.00 Competition dedicated for the local people and tourists

17.00 Horse travel or walk around Khuvsgul lake

19.00 Dinner

21.00 Fire festival and the ceremony for shaman rituals


07 July  

6.00 See the sun rising in the morning at Khuvsgul lake

9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Art festival concerts named “Taigiin egshiglen”

11.00 Travel time play reindeer polo and Khuvsgul lake by baot

13.00 Take memorial

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Horse –racing competition

16.00 The closing ceremony

19.00 Drive to Murun to stay at the hotel


08 July   

9.00 Breakfast and next adventure...