Day 1. To Ulgii

Come to airport to catch the flight to Ulgii city. Transfer to local restaurant and have a lunch.  Visit the local museum. Afternoon we will move to countryside and visit a Kazakh family in their settlement. Their Ger is slightly larger than Mongolian Ger, and is decorated with brightly colored rugs. We will enjoy their hospitality and friendliness and learn more in deep about their culture. Stay overnight in with family. LD  

Day 2. Horse riding 

Today we will ride horse around Eagle hunters family couple hours and to see how he preferring for Eagle hunting festivals.  Evening we are up to a highlight of the day to have bisparmak which are real Kazakh dishes prepared for respectful guests. Stay overnight with family. BLD

Days 3-4.  Go to Eagle festival with Eagle hunting and Horseback riding

These days we will ride horse and Eagle hunting every day until place of where Eagle festival organizing.  The Mongolian Kazakhs use for hunting female eagles as far they are bigger mail ones and more aggressive. These eagles are trained to hunt foxes, wolves, rabbit and wild cat. Every day going with eagle hunter to hunt mostly fox we learn and enjoy this unique customs of the Mongolian Kazakhs. We have the chance to visit some Kazakh families and feel the grade hospitalities.  Stay overnight with different family. BLD   

Days 5. Golden Eagle Festival 

Enjoy the Opening ceremony of the festival, commences as the participants join the parade on horse ride with their eagles. The competition begins with each Kazakh displaying his hunting outfit and accessories. The most elaborate and beautiful clothing and accessories are given the highest points. In the afternoon, the Golden Eagles will be evaluated for their speed and agility. In the evening watch a Kazakh concert consisting of traditional songs and dances. Stay overnight in local hotel or Ger camp. BLD

Day 6.  Golden Eagle Festival

Prepare for some exciting action today. The Golden Eagles will be released from a cliff to attack fox skins that will be dragged by their owner on horseback. The eagles will be judged on their success of grabbing the fox, their speed, and gripping technique. As the points for the competitions are being tallied, the Kazakhs will compete in their traditional game called kekbar passing goat skin which tests one’s horse riding skills, strength and agility. In the late afternoon, the winners of the festival will be announced at the awards ceremony. Stay overnight in local hotel or Ger camp. BLD 

Day 7.  Flight back to Ulaanbaatar 

Transfer to the airport and fly to UB approx. 3 hours.