In this page we explained the relative difficulty of our Horseback riding tours. The difficulty grade is measured by a scale of TWO as Easy and Moderate. Each tour difficulty grade is indicated by our color gauge. On this page, the difficulty grade is listed in ascending order of difficulty.

Please make sure to read the explanation on difficulty grades before booking tours with us.

Obviously, length of the day, terrain, altitude and weather conditions are main factors that contribute to the difficulty of our tours. Since some of those factors are changeable, any system of grades can only provide a general indication of tour conditions. If you have any special physical or health conditions that we must be aware of, please report them when filling in our booking form or by contacting us by email.

Our horse riding tours are also vehicle-supported wherever feasible. When in mountains and woods riding is usually done on established trails, whereas more open spaces of which there is plenty in Mongolia riders can gallop almost anywhere. All riding tours are accompanied by experienced local riders who constantly watch after safety and tack. Only two levels of difficulty are applied to our horse riding tours.

EASY - suitable for most people in good health, these trips include only a short element of riding, which is predominately on even terrain and open spaces.

MODERATE – this grade is suitable for both regular riders and new learners and requires a reasonable level of fitness. Riding days last from 4-6 hours and new learners are given one day of acclimatization, horse and tack adjustment.