Bulgan Kayaking



Be among the first to explore the whitewater opportunities of the magnificent Bulgan River Canyon and it’s tributaries! Gaze in awe on surreal, prehistoric cave paintings, dating back more than 15,000 years.

Respectfully wander among ancient, undisturbed burial sites testifying to ancient waves of human migration that swept across this isolated part of Central Asia in days of old. Experience exotic sights, sounds, and smells, while winding deeper into the rugged Altai Mountains with sturdy 4 X 4 Russian ‘machines’.

This is the territory of soaring eagles, gray wolves, endangered snow leopards, and argali (the world’s largest mountain sheep!). Immerse yourself in the local Kazakh culture and ride horseback through wild mountains for a day. In the evening, stay warm by the fire sharing food and good company with Kazakh Eagle Hunters and their families. The trip culminates in an enchanting 3-day white-water expedition through the pristine Buyant Canyon!

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