Special protected areas in Mongolia


The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism (MNET) and it is Protected Areas Bureau control the national park system.

The MNET classifies protected areas into four categories. In order of importance, they are:

Strictly Protected Areas Very fragile areas of great importance; hunting, logging and development is strictly prohibited and there is no established human influence.

National Parks Places of historical and educational interests; fishing and grazing by nomadic people is allowed and parts of the park are developed for ecotourism.

Natural and Historical Monuments Important places of historical and cultural interests; development is allowed within guidlines.

Natural Reserves Less important regions protecting rare species of flora and fauna, and archeological sites; some development is allowed within certian guidlines.


The 62 protected areas in Mongolia now constitute an impressive 15% of the country. The strictly protected areas of Bogd Khaan Uul, Great Gobi Desert and Uvs Nuur Basin are biosphere reserves included in UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Project.